Mar 08 2017

Maximizing Your Media Strategy

Are you maximizing your media strategy and media use? Advertising boils down to much more than billboards and commercials. With the latest technology and the quantity of online users, there are several types of media your company should be investing in. We’re specifically talking about understanding paid, earned, owned, and shared media, AKA your marketing mix.


Know your mix! Lucky for you, we’re here to lend some insights about each form of media:


1. Paid Media – This is your traditional paid advertising – think commercials and billboards. But it’s also much more than that. Paid advertising also include search engine optimization, keyword searches, and pay-per-click marketing campaigns. Essentially, it is advertising that you purchase to be displayed on other platforms.


2. Owned Media – This is the media that your company can control the most because it is the content that you own. Owned media is your website, social media pages, and any other advertising that is published in-house.


3. Earned Media – Earned media has some great perks but also some serious downfalls. This is the “buzz” that surrounds your brand — when people begin talking about your product and doing your advertising for you. It comes out of media coverage, press releases, and WOM. However, since you earn this advertising, you don’t craft the exact message that is distributed, so it can also be negative. For example, a publication might publish a review about your product that points out features you don’t want to focus on.


4. Shared Media – Shared media is a sort of subset of earned media. But specifically, it comes when consumers interact with your media online and share it with others, on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Through shared media, your post can reach exponentially wider audiences as individuals share your content with their networks. People trust other’s opinions; so shared media has major advantages.


The marketing leaders at Coca-Cola have mastered this strategy and altered it to suit their product. We picked out a couple of tips from their strategy that we think can extend your brand’s reach (post here).


1. Aim for expressions. While impressions are vital to attaining expressions, it is the expressions that matter more. Advertising that is talked about and shared will carry you farther than an ad that a consumer sees while walking to work and then forgets about. So, while paid media feeds into earned and shared media, it’s important to create paid media that will generate buzz for consumers.


2.Create relatable yet relevant content. This might seem obvious, but when creating content, it’s important to consider what viewers and potential consumers will best relate to. When consumers connect with content, they feel more compelled to share it. To best catch their attention, you want to create universal content that strikes a chord with whoever is in your audience. That said, don’t lose sight of your product and what it represents while trying to please your viewers.


3.Find Balance. It is important to focus on both brand love as well as brand value. Coca-Cola focuses on creating an emotional connection to the consumer. We at [  2 one 5 ] Creative are skilled in finding ways to create an emotional connection as well as demonstrating value for the brands we work on.


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