Mar 28 2017

Marketing to Millennials – Social Media And User Engagement

Are we really talking about millennials again? Don’t we give them enough attention??


Maybe…but it’s for good reason. Just hear us out. Millennials have now surpassed the Baby Boomers as the largest generation, with over 75 million people, accounting for more than one-fourth of the U.S. population. That’s a lot of people with a lot of spending power. So while we don’t want to continue beating a dead horse, we do want to give a few tips on the most effective ways to reach this group in order to ensure you get the most out of your marketing plans.


First and foremost, it’s important to remember that millennials can vary greatly in age. Falling between 18 and 35, this group’s interests and beliefs can often be vastly different. Making sure to pick apart the specifics of who you are targeting can be of huge help. That being said, look out for the remainder of this millennial series where we will highlight three major factors that we have found millennials look for most in a brand.


Social Media and User Engagement


According to Forbes, “62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, they are more likely to become a loyal customer.” This is the real end goal, isn’t it? Brand loyalty. We want our consumers to not only buy from us but buy from only us and consistently. And maybe even spread the word about how much they love us because we all know how effective word-of-mouth can be. Constant user engagement can become tedious. Trying to stay on top of interesting content for your blogs, daily social media updates, and attention grabbing videos are all part of the process and keep your target coming back for more. Here are a couple brands that are doing it right.




From small startup to multi-million dollar beauty company with thousands of loyal fans, Glossier has exceeded everyone’s expectations in the just two short years since it started. But these fans didn’t just poof out of nowhere. Before thoughts of a beauty company were ever even born, CEO and founder, Emily Weiss, first worked on her blog Into the Gloss. The blog was a way to connect with real women about the beauty products they used on a daily basis and the level of user engagement continued to grow at a remarkable speed. It was only logical to take the following and knowledge they gained from the blog and begin to make products of their own. Today, Glossier boasts an impressive 441K followers on Instagram and 28K on Twitter, all of which contribute to making most of the content on their pages. Fans tag pictures of themselves wearing the products and beauty bloggers often post and respond as well. All of the social media use helps contribute to making Glossier feel more like a community with a voice rather than a big business throwing products at you.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.02.58 AM




As a branding agency with a huge focus on video content, [ 2 one 5 ] Creative appreciates both the product and the marketing tactics with this one. I mean, how many other brands can you think of has their consumers do their advertising for them? With over 11 million followers on Instagram, over 2 million on Twitter and 6 thousand GoPro produced videos uploaded to Youtube every day, the brand is left to sit back and let their product speak for itself. Posting a daily “Photo of the Day” by users around the world keeps millennials feeling like they are not only buying from the brand but rather actively participating in the brand’s image as well.




GoPro Photo of the Day


American Eagle Outfitters


Despite numerous successes over its past 40 years in business, including that of its sub-brand  Aerie, American Eagle is always implementing new tactics to keep their millennial-focused market engaged. Most recently, they launched an online video sweepstakes that allows fans to upload videos of themselves sharing their passions and dreams along with the hashtag, #WeAllCan. If any brand knows the millennial market it’s American Eagle. They know that their target can always be found online, in fact, in an article shared with Mashable from The New York Times, over 50% of millennials watch a video online at least once a day. By creating the #WeAllCan sweepstakes, they gain access to thousands of possible new customers through fan exposure as well as further the brand’s image as a trendy lifestyle brand, one they can be loyal to for years to come.






With a tagline like “The Future is Possible”, it’s easy to see why millennials are so attracted to this company. As an age group that grew up surrounded by technology and with their ever-optimistic views of the future, DJI appeals to the group that wants to use their gadgets to change the world. Like others in this post, DJI has become a pro at using fan-generated content to promote their products. By posting beautiful shots from all corners of the globe, DJI now holds over 70% of the world’s global market share in consumer drones. Millennials get to share the stunning videos they have captured and DJI gets to reach wider and wider audiences.


To see success like these brands have within our nation’s largest market, a little social media involvement could be all you need. As an award-winning digital branding agency, [ 2 one 5 ] Creative knows what it takes to get consumers engaged. Click here to get in touch!

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