Jan 27 2017

Marketing at the X Games

Brand engagement is massively important when trying to form emotional ties and loyalty among consumers. Creating these connections can become tricky, though, when you take into account how many products people come in contact with every day. One way to break through the clutter and grab their attention is to align your brand with an experience that your target market already loves. The X Games is one such experience.


Even the least athletically inclined have probably heard of the X Games. For those of you who haven’t, the X Games is an annual competitive sports event that focuses on all things X-treme (get it?). The games highlight everything from snowboarding to surfing, inline skating to motocross; sports that pre-X Games got little to no mainstream coverage. As always, this year’s winter event will return to Aspen, Colorado’s Buttermilk Mountain to display unbelievable feats of daredevilry.


But the X Games is not just a place for extreme sports. The 4-day event is more interactive than ever and seems to now brand itself as a festival of sorts more than a sporting event. No longer are the games simply a spectator event, but rather a full consumer experience, which is what makes it such a lucrative venue for brands to engage with their customers.


The ability for attendees to explore the mountain during the days of the event provide brands with the chance to get as creative as they want in order to craft unforgettable experiences. As we anxiously wait to see which brands will hit off this year’s games, we can take a look back at brands that have made a big impact on us in years past.


Jeep Fleet Mountain Valet, 2016


At last year’s games, Jeep showed up with a fleet of their own vehicles and acted as a chauffeur to the thousands of people looking to get around during the 4-day event. This was an incredibly smart move as it filled fans needs to get around, while simultaneously highlighting how well Jeep performs in snowy, mountainous terrain. Jeep added to the fun by including a photo booth in front of a big purple Jeep bursting through a wall of snow. An event like this not only gains brand recognition but allows for consumers to try out and fall in love with the brand themselves.



Photo Credit : Jeep

Skype, 2016


Skype had a very straightforward approach when it came to their marketing tactics at last year’s X Games. They simply showed off what they did best; connecting you to those you love. Or in this case, the athletes you love! Skype set up a live chat for those who may not be as fortunate to attend the games themselves and hooked fans up with all their favorite athletes. This simple activation led to thousands of impressions and got both athletes and viewers engaged with the brand.


Fruit of the Loom, 2015


During the 2015 summer games in Austin, a brand standout was the underwear company, Fruit of the Loom. You may wonder how underwear could possibly relate to extreme sports, but they marketed themselves effortlessly. Equipped with a mechanical bull and their newly designed undershirts, they let attendees compete for top ride on the bull, while also showcasing how well their shirts stay tucked in…even while flying through the air.


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