Dec 22 2016

Driving Word-of-Mouth Advertising Through Customer Loyalty

Every company wants to have customer loyalty and word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising. But how do you go about securing it? We’ve compiled some tips on how to build WOM, and why it matters.




A survey by Nielsen found that 92% of consumers are more likely to believe recommendations from their friends and family than any form of paid advertising. This makes a lot of sense if you think about it- you are much more likely to visit the restaurant your coworker was raving about last week than the one that popped up on your Facebook feed.


Another huge (and somewhat obvious) perk of customer loyalty is that ensuring a customer’s loyalty guarantees long-term business that you don’t have to work for. That customer will always come back as long as they are satisfied, and at the same time, it’s free advertising because happy customers like to talk about themselves and why they are happy. You literally can’t go wrong.




Here are the top 3 tips we believe help build customer loyalty:


1. HAVE RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Have you ever had a product stop working, contacted customer service, and received a new product in the mail free of charge? Or have you ever left a message on a company’s “Help” forum and been personally answered by a customer service rep? If these experiences sound familiar, you remember them for a reason. Attentive customer service makes customers feel important and individually cared for. It can even turn a negative brand experience into a positive one. Of course you shouldn’t wish for your customer to have a negative experience, but if you’re able to turn a negative experience into a positive one, he or she is even more likely to talk about your product and the reliability of your brand as a whole.


2. BE VISIBLE. Your brand must first be well-known enough for people to even begin talking about it and spreading WOM. The way to do this is by reverting to traditional advertising and making your brand visible. Jonah Berger, an expert in the field of marketing and word-of-mouth, found that visibility and accessibility can and should be manipulated to drive more WOM (study here)


3. BE AN EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD. It goes without saying that your product is not the only one available to customers – and if they are aware of your competition, you should be too. emphasizes how demonstrating that you know the market and your industry creates an image of your brand as reliable and invested in the customer’s best interests.


It all comes down to trust. If WOM is executed correctly, your consumers should feel as if a mutual friend has introduced them to a new friend – AKA your brand. Establishing trust and authenticity generates an image of your company as accessible and reliable, the type of company your customers want to work with.


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