Jan 13 2017

CES 2017 : New and Exciting Technologies

It’s that time of year again: the CES show in Las Vegas. As always, we headed out to Sin City this year and experienced by far the most crowded show to date. While grabbing a cab or strolling down the Strip was a chore, that’s not the reason we were there.


Over the last year, we’ve been in CES prep mode for a number of our clients. It’s always amazing to see our work come to life on the biggest stage of them all, from videos that need to be displayed on mega screens to grab the attention of attendees to microsites and web experiences designed to help provide information to interested retailers and techies alike.


Not to mention, we’re total tech geeks as well. So, walking the show floor was as always, an awe-inspiring experience. Below we’ve outlined some of the new releases and launches that have us most excited — from both a tech and production standpoint.


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Smartphone Gimbals

In this day and age, it’s critical to get content out as quickly as possible. Right now, the best way to do that is via your smartphone. With vertical video making a legit push, the once amateur looking angle is becoming a major player in the scene. So, naturally, new tools are popping up to help meet the demand. Enter the smartphone gimbal.


Olloclip Pivot


Live streaming is taking over our lives…at least our social media lives that is. Now available on Facebook and Instagram the world of live streaming is getting easier as the Olloclip Pivot handheld gimbal was introduced at CES this year. The device is small, fits comfortably in your hand, and allows for ultimate stabilization, which means you no longer have to worry about shaky, unfocused videos. The clamp is great in that it will hold most phone sizes and has a separate GoPro mount as well. New devices like these help even an amateur take photos and videos like a pro.


DJI Osmo Silver


DJI has always provided the best in motion technology. At CES this year we were introduced to their latest and greatest with the expansion of popular product lines as well as a fresh take on their original Osmo gimbal, the Osmo Silver. The new product continues to help create seamlessly smooth videos while also adding a new feature that makes touching up photos quick and easy and of professional quality, even with your smartphone. We wouldn’t want to forget to mention that it also sports a sleek new color.




Feiyu SPG Live 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal with Vertical Mode


Feiyu has graced us with the SPG Live 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal which allows you to capture your adventure from every angle in an incredibly user-friendly way. The SPG Live 3-Axis allows you to seamlessly switch from vertical to horizontal mode mid-action with just a tilt to the right. Due to the products slip ring motor, it also offers a 360-degree panning angle. No need to cut your adventure short either to recharge this product; it offers an 8-hour battery life on 1 Li-Ion.


Artificial Intelligence.

Remember when AI was scary? We all thought robots would take over. Well, it’s not being embraced. From Siri to Cortana to Alexa, the idea of a Hal-style takeover no longer has us worried, but rather intrigues us as a convenience and ease become necessary in our hyper-world.


Vivint Sky


One company stood out among others in their advancements with AI. Vivint, a smart home service provider, introduced their very own home AI assistant but capitalized on the fact that people don’t only want one smart product…they want a whole smart home. The new assistant, Sky, allows you to control all aspects of your home from lighting, to locks, to temperature. The coolest part is their new partnership with Airbnb, which allows hosts the ability to greet guests at the door through their phone and provides more security throughout the renting process.


Nvidia Self-Driving Cars


AI also took a different turn this year with a huge focus on self-driving cars. Your daily commute may be getting better as Toyota, Hyundai and Nissan all continue working on their own versions of autonomous vehicles. One that stood out among the rest, however, was Nvidia’s partnership with Audi which aims to bring self-driving cars to the market by 2020. While Nvidia is most well known for creating computer graphics cards, they’ve been involving themselves successfully in the automotive business and have already developed one car that taught itself to drive in just 4 days. Truck and Uber drivers and the like may want to watch out because self-driving cars seem like a very real possibility for the future.


Augmented Reality

Since when did reality become so bad that we needed virtual reality and now augmented reality? Oh yeah, there was that whole thing that was the entire year of 2016. While we still feel there are vast improvements that need to be made in this field, we found this a bit more amusing than in year’s past because all those sci-fi movies are becoming normal.


Funky Bots Atomic Bands


The perfect product for the fitness junkie, the gamer, and everyone in between was being showcased at CES this year. Funky Bots Atomic Bands are super-hero inspired and here to make all of your dreams a reality, seriously. The Atomic Bands are a new device for body motion gaming and are the first of their kind offering single and multiplayer options. You can learn those sick dance moves that have always been on your bucket list or create things in an AR 3D world with the simplest gestures with advanced real-time motion tracking and pattern recognition.


Lenovo New Glass C200


Lenovo may have just changed the way we do business by introducing the Lenovo New Glass C200 which smoothly merges augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The glass covers one eye and is wired with a unit that runs Linux. The product also works with an android application called New Glass. The New Glass C200 essentially acts like an assistant to the user. The capabilities of this system include step-by-step instructions and allows for remote collaboration with colleagues. Who’ll be the first in your office with one?



First the drones got smaller. Then they got bigger. Then they got smarter. Sounds like the start to a horror movie that somebody is bound to make. This year, the drones were once again in full force at CES. Are jetpacks finally going to become the dream we’ve all been waiting to come true…?


EHANG184 Jumbo Drone


EHANG just made all of our Star Wars dreams a reality with the 184 AAV. This is an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle that can carry one passenger that weighs up to 220 pounds. This vehicle is powered by electricity and is 100% green technology. It has been developed for shorter trips, flying up to 23 minutes. And no worries, the 184 AAV is equipped with a fail-safe system –– if there is a problem while flying, the craft will land in the nearest safe area.



Makeblock Airblock


Need a perfect starter drone that can withstand a few crashes with an amateur pilot? The Makeblock Airblock is for you. This Kickstarter project received all of the funds for the campaign in 24 hours. But no wonder this idea was so popular, it is unlike other drones because it is resilient through crashes thanks to the styrofoam that covers the frame. This makes it friendly for all ages and a great drone for beginners. The product is extremely versatile due to its magnetic parts and can be turned from a hexacopter to a quadcopter to a tricopter with just a few modifications.


Looking to make some noise at CES 2018? Let’s get started on an amazing product launch today!

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