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Press  /  02.22.2017

AmeriGas ACE Training Video by [ 2 One 5 ] Creative

[ 2 one 5 ] Creative just produced a new video for AmeriGas, specifically for their ACE Training Program. The video will help retailers easily understand the safety procedures for storing, handling, and distributing their propane tanks. [ 2 one 5 ] Creative was very excited to be able to join forces with AmeriGas, who are known not only for their propane services, but also for their outstanding customer service that would only be expected at a tight knit family-owned business. After AmeriGas had interviewed several other agencies for this video, it was evident that [ 2 one 5 ] Creative’s unique look and feel was perfect for the job. [ 2 one 5 ] Creative was able to produce the dynamic content that they desired, while still staying true to AmeriGas’ aesthetics, mission, and brand.

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Insights  /  02.21.2017

How Star Power can Benefit your Brand

Matt Powell, a contributor to Forbes, tweeted “Nike spends $2.8 billion a year on marketing, $8 million dollars a day, $300,000 per hour, $100 a second (Twitter).” In 2015, they spent roughly 1 billion dollars on celebrity endorsements alone, and do you know how much they raked in that year? $ 30.6 billion dollars. The […]

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Press  /  02.17.2017

[ 2 one 5 ] Creative Launches Website For Insurance Company, WH Roddy, Inc.

[ 2 one 5 ] Creative has finalized and released a new and updated digital flagship for Whitney H. Roddy, Inc., an insurance provider based in Bloomfield, New Jersey. This website will serve to educate and inspire prospective clients to choose WH Roddy as their insurance provider.

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Insights  /  02.14.2017

How To Get Your Customers To Fall For You

Here at [ 2 One 5 ] Creative, we understand how significant relationship building is to growing and maintaining a successful business. With it being Valentine’s Day, we thought this was the perfect time to give you a few tips on how to make your customers fall in love with you a little more!   […]

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Insights  /  02.06.2017

The More Meaningful the Better – Super Bowl Commercials 2017

Super Bowl advertisements are usually ranked in greatness by how long we are doubled over with laughter. But in 2017, it looks like many of the brands we love aimed to appeal to something else within us, our humanity, which made us love them even more. These meaningful commercials were the ones that stood out […]

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Press  /  02.01.2017


[ 2 one 5 ] Creative just put the finishing touches on a commercial spot created in partnership with full-service agency Eastern Standard for their client, Eastern University. The two creative teams worked collaboratively to create the 30-second video commercial spot, which highlights the graduate programs available at Eastern University, specifically highlighting the masters degrees in Business & Leadership, Counseling & Psychology, and Education.

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Insights  /  01.27.2017

Marketing at the X Games

Brand engagement is massively important when trying to form emotional ties and loyalty among consumers. Creating these connections can become tricky, though, when you take into account how many products people come in contact with every day. One way to break through the clutter and grab their attention is to align your brand with an […]

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News  /  01.20.2017

Welcome 2017 Winter Interns !

This winter we are excited to introduce a team of five talented interns. Thank you all for joining our team at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative, we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you will accomplish. In order to utilize the diverse skills of our interns, they will be working on […]

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Insights  /  01.13.2017

CES 2017 : New and Exciting Technologies

It’s that time of year again: the CES show in Las Vegas. As always, we headed out to Sin City this year and experienced by far the most crowded show to date. While grabbing a cab or strolling down the Strip was a chore, that’s not the reason we were there.

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Insights  /  12.29.2016

15 Tips I Have Learned Over 15 Years Owning a Creative Agency: Part 2 of 3

Hopefully, you’ve read my last article about the things that I’ve learned in 15 years of owning a creative agency. While that first installment focused on the core values of your agency such as cash flow, point of difference, values, and culture, this next article hones in on agency growth and sustainability. We’ve all been […]

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Insights  /  12.26.2016

Usability Testing : What You Need to Know

What if you spent hours designing and developing a website, only to learn that users didn’t like it because they couldn’t find what they needed? This sometimes happens if there isn’t an alignment between what the developers and designers envision for the website and what the users want to get out of it. Sometimes, designs […]

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Insights  /  12.22.2016

Driving Word-of-Mouth Advertising Through Customer Loyalty

Every company wants to have customer loyalty and word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising. But how do you go about securing it? We’ve compiled some tips on how to build WOM, and why it matters.   WHY DOES IT MATTER ?    A survey by Nielsen found that 92% of consumers are more likely to believe recommendations from […]

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Insights  /  12.19.2016

Tips for Effective Storyboarding

Here at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative, we are passionate about video production. Every stage of our production process is handled with ultimate precision. Each video production includes pre-production, production, and post-production. The majority of our time is spent during pre-production, which includes anything and everything that takes place before the cameras start rolling. […]

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Press  /  12.05.2016

[ 2 one 5 ] Creative Produces 4 Part Video Series for Penn Medicine

Last month at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative, we wrapped up an exciting project for Penn Medicine. We completed a four part branded video series introducing the Penn Dermatology department and the various dermatology programs, services, and successes. Penn Medicine’s dermatopathologists are nationally recognized for diagnosing rare or complex conditions and is one of […]

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Insights  /  12.02.2016

Holiday Marketing Strategies

The holiday season is primetime for consumers to buy your product. Unfortunately, we can guarantee you that every other company is thinking the exact same thing. So, how can you make your business stand out among the competition and fuel holiday sales? We have a couple of holiday marketing tips that might help.   1. […]

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