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Press   /  09.15.2017

[ 2 one 5 ] Creative Finishes New Packaging Design For Earthy

New packaging design labels deliver a better brand image to the laundry detergent line.   PHILADELPHIA, PA – September 2017 – Earthy LLC, a now certified B Corporation with a focus on creating products that “do no harm” to the environment, announced the release of new packaging design of their laundry detergent line with the […]

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Insights   /  08.09.2017

The Snap Map and Location Based Concerns

Location-based social platforms have existed for years, allowing users to tag locations where photos were taken, check-in to restaurants and constantly keep their friends and followers updated on where they are. With the implementation of Snapchat’s new Snap Map, now almost all of the most popular social media platforms allow others to check where users […]

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Insights   /  07.12.2017

Decoding the Internet of Things

Cell phones, coffee makers, headphones and other everyday objects are becoming increasingly digital and allowing for the infiltration of internet and sensor capabilities. As more and more everyday objects have a digital presence and the ability to connect, a network begins to form. This web helps to create relationships beyond the traditional “people-thing” into a […]

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Events   /  06.30.2017

Top 5 Welcome America Festival Events to Attend

This year’s Wawa Welcome America Festival has finally begun! From June 29th to July 4th you can attend over 50 FREE events celebrating America’s birthday, in the place that it all started! There are so many events to choose from we thought it might be helpful to round up the events we are most excited for […]

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Insights   /  06.26.2017

Benefits of Your Brand Going Global

Having a website is beneficial for any type of business in the fast growing world of the Internet; however, knowing how to correctly implement the content on the website is as equally as important. Companies are slowly enabling their websites to go global in order to better leverage their business. Believe it or not, English is […]

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Insights   /  06.22.2017

Mobile Optimization: Why It’s Important for Your Brand

Smartphones: man’s new best friend? Between online shopping, keeping in touch with friends, checking the weather, and gathering information, things are increasingly moving from a more traditional desktop presence to modernized handheld devices. Making sure your website is suitable for this platform is key to keeping consumers engaged and keeping your brand relevant to them. […]

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Insights   /  06.16.2017

The Dad Guide: How to do Father’s Day the Right Way!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we know how hard it can be deciding how to spoil him on his special day.   Let’s consider our options. You’re about to go to the store, so do you buy him: 1. A basic tie that he probably already owns   2. New socks that won’t […]

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News   /  06.14.2017

Welcome 2017 Summer Interns!

As [ 2 one 5 ] Creative welcomes the warm weather, we are also excited to welcome our newest summer interns! The Trio, as they call themselves, are eager to learn about the creative side of business. We cannot wait to see what they will bring to the team as they work on sharpening their […]

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Insights   /  06.07.2017

It Is the Death of Retail as We Know It, and We Feel Fine

Warren Buffet, the noted business investment mogul, predicted the death of retail…and it turns out he was right. “The department store is online now,” the billionaire investor said at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, as Business Insider’s Bob Bryan reported (Business Insider). But doesn’t it make sense? We now live in a world […]

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Press   /  06.05.2017

[ 2 one 5 ] Creative Revamps Website for Wawa Welcome America

Welcome America, Inc. has chosen [ 2 one 5 ] Creative to update their website to be a portal for interaction with event goers and to enhance the brand positioning for their Fourth of July festival events.   PHILADELPHIA  – June 2017  –  Ready to make Philadelphia the number one Fourth of July celebration destination […]

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Insights   /  05.22.2017

Tips for Establishing Your Hospitality Brand’s Equity You Won’t Want to Miss

It is no secret that consumers drive the hospitality industry; therefore, aligning customers with your brand is key to the success of your business. To turn skeptics into believers of your brand, you must establish brand equity: bring awareness, establish loyalty, and exhibit the quality of your brand. At [ 2 one 5 ] Creative […]

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Insights   /  05.19.2017

How Pre-Roll Ads Can Be Beneficial for Your Business

What is pre-roll advertising? Pre-roll is the short (typically:10 to :15 second) video that comes before other video content you may have been searching for online. Many advertisers use it, and you may have even considered trying it out yourself. But if you’re feeling hesitant, we understand why. You may have heard that people find […]

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Insights   /  05.08.2017

Marketing to Millennials – Charitable Branding

As we are all aware, Millennials take up a very special place in the marketer’s heart. We love them, hate them, try desperately to understand them, and when we succeed, reap the benefits tenfold. If you read our recent blog post, you learned that although millennials may have a wide variety of interests and beliefs, […]

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Insights   /  04.18.2017

How Instagram Stories Are Helping To Build Loyal Followings

  These days, largely due to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, everyone wants to be connected. All. The. Time. To friends, family, celebrities, brands, everyone, and everything, simultaneously. We follow them on as many social media accounts as we can and check to see the newest updates in their life daily. But at some point, following […]

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News   /  04.13.2017


Philadelphia, PA — APRIL 2017 —  Spring has sprung, and we have just added two new additions to the [ 2 one 5 ] Creative crew.   [ 2 one 5 ] Creative hires Anthony Gallo as Lead Web Developer. Taking on this role, Anthony will work closely with the agency’s designers to bring concepts […]

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