Feb 21 2017

How Star Power can Benefit your Brand

Matt Powell, a contributor to Forbes, tweeted “Nike spends $2.8 billion a year on marketing, $8 million dollars a day, $300,000 per hour, $100 a second (Twitter).” In 2015, they spent roughly 1 billion dollars on celebrity endorsements alone, and do you know how much they raked in that year? $ 30.6 billion dollars. The star power definitely seems to be working in Nike’s favor (CNN Money)(NIKE ). A recent example of Nike utilizing this star power is their “Equality” campaign, which has been making waves. This campaign utilizes their sponsored athletes in traditional and nontraditional ways. Recently at the Genesis Open, the Nike Golfers were dressed in all black everything, real-life equality symbols for Nike’s campaign.


Behind the scenes “Equality”



Why do we buy from brands that our idols claim to adore? We trust them of course, they would never steer us wrong. The New York Times states, “After all, history has proved that athletes can sell products and, perhaps even more important, create the connections between brand and consumer that contemporary companies consider key to success (New York Times).” Perhaps, a customer wasn’t interested in your brand before, but, as soon as they received validation from one of their heroes, their business with your brand was a done deal. 


Neil Patrick Harris for Heineken Light



Professional athletes aren’t the only ones nabbing sports brand endorsement deals, combining forces with celebrities outside of the sports world has become common practice.  Kevin Hart for Nike. Kanye West for Adidas. Charlize Theron for J’Adore Dior. Neil Patrick Harris for Heineken Light. The list is almost endless.


James Charles for CoverGirl



Recently though, what’s setting endorsements apart is not how big the name is, but how large of a social following they have. Last year CoverGirl made waves in the advertising world when they brought on 17-year-old James Charles to be the new face of their brand next to Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry. The YouTube makeup sensation had 500k followers and another 75k subscribers and the response was fabulous.


These big brands have seen the success from utilizing celebrities, it increases brand awareness, creates a connection between the brand and the customer, and helps reach a larger audience that maybe the brand didn’t have access to before.


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